Welcome to the University of Melbourne Alumni in Japan (UMAJ). We provide a network for graduates of the University who are living in Japan and also people in Japan who are thinking about studying at the University of Melbourne.

We held ‘Welcome Home’ event in Tokyo successfully for Year-2018-graduates on 30 March 2019.

The upcoming events in 2019 in Tokyo are:

  • Casual Drink on Friday 17 May
  • Casual Drink on Friday 19 July
  • BBQ on Saturday 24 August
  • Casual Drink on Friday/Saturday XX October
  • Christmas Party on Saturday 14 December

The upcoming events in 2019 in Kansai are:

  • Hiking in Kobe on 13 April
  • Dine out in Osaka or Kobe on 9 June
  • Shodo-Shima trip from 10 to 12 August
  • Visit Suntory Beer Factory in Kyoto in October
  • Christmas Party on Saturday 14 December

If you have a connection with the University and you live in Japan, please get in touch with us by joining our Facebook group or feel free to contact us using the form below.

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